Easter Plays and Other Cowardly Moves

It has been a few days and the dust has settled. Big “Easter” crowds, many assembly halls filled to the overflow just last Sunday, were the cause of excitement and joy. The programs and gimmicks have ended for another year. The plays and props are but video memories at this point. Oh, someone may yet find a hidden egg or two around the church property. We may even joke about this coming Sunday’s certain and HUGE drop off in attendance as though it is just a fact of church life.

The real tragedy in all of this is evident: the church world once again paraded its best amateur hour theatrics out in full view in order to somehow entice the unbelieving world to choose helpless, powerless, little ‘ole Jesus to be their spiritual soul buddy.

How many pastors cowardly forfeited their pulpits last Sunday to make room for plays, sing-song times, dances, stick-waving troops, mimes, or some other display? How many church groups up-ended their entire worship service to make it more suitable for the big once-a-year crowd?

Each and every extra-biblical program and production offered up by the church is nothing but an implicit denial of the sufficiency of Gospel preaching. Your religious society may very well have put on a wonderful performance for the big crowd of holiday visitors. But did you honor Christ and His Gospel? Did you present the truth of His work faithfully? Did you testify to the wider community a conviction that “The preaching of the Cross is the power of God unto salvation?” Or, did you testify that the preaching of the cross is better suited for Sundays when the big crowd isn’t present?

Jason K. Boothe is pastor of Horizons Baptist Church of Piketon, Ohio. For more information concerning the ministries of the church, please visit www.horizonsbaptist.org.

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