A Great Sinner Meets a Great Savior

(The following is the introduction to the sermon of the same title)

Luke 7:36-50

To a believer in Jesus, there is nothing more comforting
than to know that one's sin is forgiven for Christ‘s namesake.
Nothing is as important as knowing that life eternal is settled
forever, secure in Christ by ifs finished work. this is “joy
unspeakable and full of glory." Praise God, the peace of
Christ wrought by His blood is a precious and dear possession
of God's people.

Our Scripture lesson today presents a tale of two sinners.
The first sinner to whom we ere introduced is a highly regarded 
religious leader who is regarded highly by the community. 
The other is a women who is known for her sexual immoralities 
all over town - a lady of the night.

Under the shabby veil of religion, this Pharisee dares sit
in judgment over Christ, thinking himself worthy of the
task! "The town sinner,” on the other hand, did not presume
any personal righteousness. She threw herself into worship
and adoration of Christ, crying at His feet, confessing her
wickedness in the presence of the Master.

While dead religion provides lying comforts to the self-
righteous, those who have experienced the true grace of God
in Christ have the love of God in their hearts. They have,
in turn, much love for the One who has forgiven them much.
The "Town Sinner" had no one in polite society to befriend
her. She made her living being used by others as means to
an end. Yet in Christ, she found a friend that sticks
closer then a Brother. In Christ she found a treasure worth
far more than the costly ointment she carried in the
alabaster box! A great sinner met the Great Savior-and
her life would never be the same.

Jason K. Boothe is Pastor of Horizons Baptist Church of Piketon, Ohio. For
more information concerning the ministries of the church, please visit

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