About Pastor Jason Boothe

Welcome to Pardoning Grace! My name is Jason Boothe.  I happily serve as Pastor to the great congregation of Horizons Baptist Church, Piketon, Ohio (2001-present).  I am a graduate of Ashworth College,  Shawnee State University (BA), Grand Canyon University (MEd), as well as Andersonville Theological Seminary (ThM, ThD).

I preach the Free and Sovereign Grace of God in the accomplished redemption of Christ for the sake of elect people, teaching verse-by-verse through the Bible each Sunday morning. You can my subscribe to my church teaching podcast, “Sovereign Grace Today,”  on iTunes.  We also have a wealth of sermon videos posted on our ever growing YouTube channel as well (links available on www.horizonsbaptist.org). Be sure to subscribe and to click the bell for notifications!


In 1999, I married my wife Kimberly. We are the proud parents of Noah Matthew, our son.

When not preaching, my wife and I enjoy a moderately busy spring and summer camping season. We enjoy taking our teardrop camper all over the Midwest United States, visiting state and national parks along the way.






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