God Has Brought Water to the Desert Place

In this dry and desolate place, Philip crossed paths with a man who blindly read the Scripture having no understanding of the Gospel. Yet, by God’s grace, the official’s spiritual eyes were opened to the Christ of whom Isaiah wrote. The Lord of Glory sent living water into the dry and desolate place that was the official’s spiritually dead heart, sending the refreshing Gospel of Christ through the preaching of His servant Philip. The land cried loud hosannas unto the Lord as even the dry ground itself bubbled forth in cool, clear, water!

Baptism By Immersion

Ultimately, there is little doubt that the ancient church practiced immersion baptism. Why not follow in the footsteps of our ancient brethren? Why not baptize new converts in the same manner and mode as the Lord Himself was baptized? Prayerfully consider these words as you contemplate the issue of baptism.