“The Lord Will Give You Understanding: The Grace of Gospel Repentance”

Let us be thankful for God’s gift of Gospel repentance. He alone has opened our eyes to our darkness, sin and shame. He alone has changed our minds concerning Christ, causing each of us to look to Christ alone for all righteousness. It is the Lord alone that has, in the words of Paul, “given us understanding.” And it is through eyes made new by Gospel repentance that we endeavor to be kind and gentle toward one another as we, ever sorrowful for our sin, trust Christ alone to go our way until the brightness and glory of His coming.

A Brief Word Against Wesley’s Perfectionism Error

Recently, while browsing the Internet, I happened upon a Wesleyan Holiness preacher teaching about the necessity of a “second work of grace” in the lives of believers. He promised to anyone who would simply “empty their hearts of self” (whatever that is supposed to mean)  that God would “eradicate their sinful disposition, freeing them from indwelling…