Do You Believe the Biblical Gospel?

So how does one know he is saved? He believes the Gospel as revealed in Scripture, putting no confidence in the flesh and trusting only in Christ, his righteous surety who died that he might live eternally, the only true object of saving faith. He has promised to raise believers up on the last day, to never leave them alone, to go and prepare a place for that where He is, His people may be also. All confidence is placed in Christ alone. This is a biblical profession of faith. If a man testifies to this saving Gospel, he is a brother in Christ, having “passed from death unto life.”

The Patience of Christ is Salvation

While the world misinterprets Christ’s tarrying as a sign that He will never return, believers should rest comforted in the knowledge that the Lord tarries in saving patience to redeem those, all of those, God has chosen before the foundation of the world. Christ does not delay His coming like some sluggard! On the contrary, He graciously exercises saving patience for the sake of His beloved elect, returning precisely at the sovereignly appointed day and hour!